Description of the treatment

The micro-needling or collagen induction therapy is a safe and precise treatment for skin rejuvenation. It is one of the most talked about anti-aging treatment in medical cosmetic field that helps to reduce the sign of aging, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. The procedure is performed in a totally sterile environment using advanced device and serums targeting different skin imperfections which is done by certified technician.


How does it work

A very small and tiny sterile needle is rolled over the skin causing controlled micro punctures and pinpoint bleeding that stimulate the body’s natural process and promote healing cascade starts. This, Increases epidermal thickness and spurs collagen remodeling in scars.


Each time a treatment is performed, new collagen and elastin fibers are synthesized, and this makes epidermis layers become firmer and thicker so younger-looking appearance is the end result.


Areas of the treatment




Stretch marks



Mild discomfort

No post recovery

Up to date technology with proven results


Expectation right after the treatment

The procedure is virtually painless only a mild prickling sensation.

After the treatment slight redness, flushing or skin tightness and sensitivity might be experienced in the treated areas that will diminish within few hours.



Reduce wrinkles

Thicken the dermis

Tighten sagging skin

Reduce sun damage and pigmentation

Reduces pore size

Healthy glow skin

Improves appearance of the scars and stretch marks



3-6 sessions 3-4 Weeks intervals

Each session 45min length depending the area


Micro-needling PRECARE treatment:


  1. Do not use Retinol or other photosensitizing topical or systemic medications for 3-5 days prior to your treatment.
  2. Avoid Accutane in the six months prior to beginning your treatment session.
  3. Avoid blood thinning agent for one week prior treatment
  4. Do not receive excessive sun exposure for 2 weeks prior to your treatment, which also means do not come in with tanned (includes self-tanner) or sunburned skin.
  5. Do not take anti-inflamatory medications such as ibuprofen or Advil 3 days perior.
  6. No waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis to the area being treated for 5 days perio
  7. If you want us to go over a part of your skin that grows hair, please shave the area a day before your appointment.




  1. No sunscreen OR makeup for 12 hours following the treatment.
  2. Wash the face gently after treatment or before bed time using gentle cleanser and gently massage the face with tepid water (a shower can provide an easier ability to massage the face while washing at the same time)
  3. Remove all serum and dried blood, this will improve the appearance of the skin, and allow for better subsequent absorption of HA.


  1. Mineral makeup can be applied 12-72 hours post-treatment but continue to use the aftercare skincare line prescribed by your skincare therapist or a gentle cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum, and physical sunblock with an SPF of 25 or higher.
  2. After 48 to 72 hours following treatment, client can return to regular skin care regimen.
  3. Retinol products are strongly suggested to use for optimal results.
  4. Avoid excessive sun exposure for 10 days.


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