Our Clinic provide with high-quality massage treatments or simply to help you relax. Whether is it a deep massage or relaxing massage, Gentle Touch Laser Clinic gives you the right kind of massage you need, with a clean, comfortable, and safe clinic environment.

Our customized treatment plan will help you manage pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, ease breathing difficulties, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, reduce headaches, improve mobility. helps improve your overall wellness.


One Hour Each Session

Relaxing Massage $69.99 Per Session $190  3 sessions
Deep Tissue Massage $89.99 Per Session $250  3 sessions


Business Hours

Tuesday; 10:00am to 6:00pm

Wednesday  10:00am to 6:00pm

Thursday  11:00am  to 7:00pm

Friday   10:00am  to  6:00pm

Saturday  9:00am  to 4:00pm

Sunday and Monday:  CLOSED


4665 Central Pkwy E #3
Mississauga, ON. L4Z 2V4
Phone: 905-232-2001
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